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SPECIAL!! Couple Lomi Lomi Massage

Couple Massage60min$195.00
Couple Room

Body Massage

1. Original LomiLomi Massage


Our LomiLomi massage is besed on traditional Hawaian rituals.If combines Swedish, Deep Tissue techniques and Acupressure points for more effective results. Relieve tension and induce peace of mind this is what this fabulous, relaxing spa treatment will do for you.

2. Lomi & Hot Stone Massage (90min) : $174.00

Well-being combination with hot stone and massage. Warm stones caressed with intensity are applied sofly and continually with rhythm and resonance. It energizes and relaxes your body and spirt until you completely let go.

3. Dry Massage (Shiatsu & Anma)


This is the popular”Dry Massage”No oil is used enabling the massaeuse to remove the stress and tension from the muscles byconcentratingon easing the knots of the body.

4. Back Care Course (60min) : $95.00

Rejuvenated the upper body appears to take on a newer, fimer and younger skin that is incomparably soft and smooth. Use as part of an intensive treatment, for maintenance, deep cleansing, moisturzing,skin toning or for age managment of the contour.

5. Foot Massage Course (60min) : $95.00

Using Paul Scerri’s Lymphofluide, this experience brings immediate relief to heavy legs.Combined with LomiLomi massage and reflexology are very effective for curing fatigue and poor circlation.It instantaneously eliminates the sensation of tiredness and gives legs a long feeling of freshness,lightness and comfort.


6. Hawaiian Detox Facial (60 min) : $95.00

This is deep cleansing treatment using “Kuub” very own cosmetic line. The deep,yet gentle cleansing removes dead skin cells and pore-clogging debris for a lighter more vibrant complexion.

7. Spiritual・Stone Back & Facial (90 min) : $156.00

This experience uses hot stones,cold stones and cystals to open 7 “chakra” points throughout the body. Enter deep relaxation of the mind,body and spirit through aromatic essential oils a rejuvenating facial and a circulation of positive energy.

8. Men’s Facial (60 min) : $95.00

Based on Yon-Ka’s simple theory-Purify, Hydrate, Rejuvenate Performed on a regular basis they re-balance the skin,this experience completely re-balance the skin, helping to maintain a yunuger appearance and a shapelier allure.

9. Whitening Facial (60 min) : $115.00

Highly technical,this anti-aging treatment brings out the skin’s natural glow, restoring smoothness and youth as early as the 1st treatment.Skin’s cellular health is improved and immediate brightening and radiance.

10. Gold Lifting Facial (60 min) : $115.00

This luxurious exfoliating facial uses a natural gold ionformula to gently,deeply exfoliate and moisturize skin.Also Lymphatic drainage massage around the facial will liftand enhancesyour skin.

11. Clinical Acne Treatment Facial (60 min) : $120.00

The Skinceuticals Chinical Acne Treatment is designed for acne-prone skin.The treatment includes a calming masque as well as correcitve products that are ideal for the treatment of acne on the face, chest and upper back.

Special Package

12. Deluxe (120min) : $215.00

Aroma LomiLomi Massage (60min) & Gold Lifiing Facial (60min)

A true anti-sag booster-a treatment to lift-up your face and help redefine your body features for more firmness and to reshape all combining muscular relaxition and tailored facial care.

13. Heavenly (120min) : $255.00

Aroma LomiLomi Massage (90min) & Gold Lifiing Facial (60min)

This duo of face care and body masddage, oxygenating and relaxing with its aromas and softness of textures will guarantee you absolute relaxation and well-being for anyone that is stressde or tired.

Wedding Package

14. Wahine - Bridal Course (120min) : $205.00

This is the ideal treatment designed to prepare the bride for her perfect wedding day.

  • Mini Back treatment
  • Hawaiian stone facial

15. Kane - Groom Course (120min) : $200.00

Another KUUB’S original package created especially for the lucky groom to help him prepare for his wedding day.

  • Lomi Lomi massage
  • Refreshing facial

16. Kuuipo - Couple Course (120min) : $395.00

This is the perfect pre-wedding packge that con be scheduledsimultaneously by both the bride and groom.

  • Hawaiian Bridal Course
  • Hawaiian Groom Course

The groom course finishes 30 minutes earlies that the bridalcourse, so please be patient and relax in our salon.

Add-ons Option

  • Facial(30min): $50.00
  • Massage(30min): $50.00
  • Head Therapy(30min): $50.00
  • Eye Treatment : $15.00
  • VitaminC lontophoresis : $20.00
  • Hand or Food Treatment(10min): $20.00
  • Aroma Oil : $5.00
  • CBD Oil : $10.00

IN-Room Aroma Massage


Relax in the comfort of your own place. Kuub therapists make out -call and are able to customize treatment to suit your needs and skin type. Aroma LomiLomi /Shiatsu Massage.

IN-Room Hawaiian Stone Facial